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Protected Plants
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Due to constantly increasing number of human population which causes negative impact on nature, living space for wild species becomes scarcer every year. Tree cutting in tropical forests, agriculture in savannah, high pollution level in natural habitats are only some examples of significant threat on living organism existence in their natural living space. Among the other negative factors also illegal international trade in wild plants increase the extinction risk of plants.

Approximately 400 wild plant species of Latvia are growing among decorative plants in the Botanical Garden. Some of these wild species are rare, especially protected and Red-listed in Latvia. Content of the Latvian Red Data List is not constant as the protection status of plants is changing - some species get removed from the list, while new species take their place. From the total 319 Red-listed plants of recent Latvian Red Data List there are 76 species growing in the Botanical Garden.

More than 18.000 vascular plant and tree species are protected under the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). There are 30 tropical and subtropical plants from this list represented in Greenhouses.

Aim of CITES (The Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is to protect threatened plants from increasing pressure of illegal trade. From the total 29.000 CITES plant species, ten are growing in the Greenhouses of the Botanical Garden.