The Greenhouse of Azaleas is open for visitors in February, March and in the beginning of April, when it is time for magnificent blooming of the greatest Azalea collection in the Baltic countries!

Greenhouse Azalea varieties are widely known indoor plants that blossom during late autumn and dark winter months. The collection of the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia contains 126 varieties, selected in Europe (including Latvia), Russia and Ukraine. Many of plants are more than 50 years old with their crowns reaching impressive dimensions.

Since 1956, professor Rihards Kondratovičs focused both on the collection and selection of azaleas. As a result, the largest greenhouse azalea collection in Latvia and Baltic states has been created. From 1962 to 2017, Kondratovičs selected 26 varieties: ‘Auseklītis’, ‘Columba’, ‘Duets’ – co-author J. Jēkabsons (Carnikava), ‘Dzide’, ‘Dzirkstelīte’, ‘Eldze’, ‘Ginta’, ‘Grācija’, ‘Ilva’, ‘Inta’, ‘Jolanta’, ‘Kārlis Sūniņš’, ‘Laima’, ‘LU Momo’, ‘Māsa Kerija’, ‘Meri’, ‘Ritenītis’, ‘Rožaina Zvaigznīte’, ‘Sarkangalvīte’, ‘Saulriets’, ‘Sārtais Dzintars’ – co-author K. Bauers (Tukums), ‘Skaidrīte Matisone’, ‘Sniegbaltīte’, ‘Sniegpārsla’, ‘Vēlziede’, ‘Violetā Zvaigznīte’.