Of all the exhibitions in the Botanical Garden, the arboretum is the most remarkable due to its size and variety of plants. The arboretum represents about 750 species, many of which have been introduced to Latvia from other regions, such as Asia or America. Some species are the result of a long selection process. In our arboretum, we have collections of rhododendrons, magnolias, lilacs, roses, coniferous trees, and many more.



The University of Latvia has one of the largest collections of Rhododendron in the Baltic States, started in 1957 by Professor Rihards Kondratovičs. The collection includes 495 outdoor rhododendron species and varieties, including greenhouse azaleas. There are also varieties selected in latvia: 117 outdoor rhododendrons and 26 - azaleas. Most of the rhododendron collection is located outside Riga - in the Rhododendron breeding and experimental station "Babīte".



The Garden has the largest collection of magnolias in Latvia with 17 species and varieties.



In the Garden there are 11 different generas of conifers: 25 Thuja, 22 Juniperus, 20 Chamaecyparis and 19 Picea, as well as Pseudotsuga, Thujopsis and Tsuga.