Wander among our free-flying tropical butterflies! Feel the flutter of their wings, see the vibrant colors and experience a jungle climate here at the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia. Our butterflies come from Asia, Africa and the tropical jungles of South America. They vary in color, shape and size, as do the caterpillars. Some caterpillars even resemble a jewel! To see the magical butterfly hatching process, visitors can observe their life cycle through the incubator window.


  • You don't need to buy additional ticket to visit the Tropical Butterfly House. It is opened for all visitors during the opening hours of the Botanical Garden. Butterfly House is closed during dark autumn and winter months. 
  • Activity level of butterflies depends on the weather and the species, but they are more active in sunny days. Please note this before visiting the Butterfly House.
  • Please be aware that air temperature can reach +30°C and the air moisture is about 90 %.
  • Most fragile parts of the butterflies are their wings – please don't touch butterflies. Also, please don't move their food.
  • We kindly ask school teachers and parents to inform children about proper behaviour during the visit to the Butterfly House. 
  • For photographers, please be ethical towards the plants and butterflies – no picture is worth a life.