INDEX SEMINUM 2020-2021 (pdf)

Click on the link to download the Index Seminum of the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia, year 2020-2021. Use e-mail for seed exchange.

Нажмите на ссылку, чтобы скачать список семян Ботанического сада Латвийского университета на 2020-2021-й год. Заказ на семяна посылать по э-почте на адрес:


Our Garden offers the seed list since 1924. The international seed exchange is exclusively available to botanical gardens, arboretums, plant collectors and nature schools to provide a diversity of plants in their collections. The seed exchange is a chance for botanical gardens to grow plants from other regions and share the knowledge about world's flora to visitors. Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia cooperates with 500 other gardens from 50 countries. Every year we send about 1500 seed packages. The seed exchange is not available to private plant collectors with commercial purpose. We follow the Rio Convencion (Rio de Janeiro, 1992) about the conservation of biological diversity, and use the seeds and plants for scientific and educational purpose only.