•  Enjoy your stay in our Garden - in the green heart of Rīga! You can freely step on the grass and use all of the paths but please stay out of the flower beds and also leave the trees for the birds. 
  •  You can take photos and selfies but please mind your step near the plantings, water pools and stone walls. 
  •  We will appreciate if you'll act with a respect towards the nature and other visitors.
  •  You can leave your bike or scooter at the entrance.
  •  Don't use drones without a permission.
  •  You are welcome to enjoy open-air activities except ball games near the flower beds.
  •  Be careful with you children especially near the water pools.
  •  Please leave your pets at home, any size or species. 
  •  Many of our plants contain poisons and are sticky or stinging - don't touch the flowers, leafs, and seeds.
  •  Scientific name tags are for gardeners and for all of the visitors, don't touch them or replace.
  •  We kindly ask to collect the trash and food remnants, and keep the environment clean. If you must smoke, please use the recycle bins and mind the other visitors, especially children and elderlies.
  •  Please don't throw food, sticks or stones in the water. The food can damage the water - please don't feed the fish, we care for them ourselves.
  •  Enjoy the animals, butterflies and birds without touching and catching them.
  •  The paths in greenhouses are narrow and can rise some difficulties for walking - please enjoy your meal in some safer place.
  •  Please don't cross our private territories and the zones for heavy equipment.


  •  The Alumni trail was built in 2018 thanks to donations of friends and graduates of the University of Latvia.
  •  The trail is 1 meter wide, 150 meters long, and about 30 centimeters above the ground. It is made from a metal grid.
  •  For your own safety it is forbidden to ride a bicycle, scooter, roller scaters, or skateboards.
  •  Please don't step on plants and trees that grow around the trail.
  •  Take care of the children in the entire length of the trail.


  •  Taking photos and short films for a private use are for free, whilst a commercional filming and photo sessions must be reserved and paid. Please find out more HERE.  
  •  During your photo session, all of the plant collections must be available for other visitors to enjoy and explore.
  •  We keep our rights to prohibit a filming if it conflicts with the image of our Garden, also we strictly prohibit any photo sessions with nudity during working hours.
  •  Please be careful near the plants and flower beds during your session. Don't move flower pots and change their growth conditions, climb the trees, pick the flowers or somehow damage the plant collections. 
  •  Touching tropical butterflies and fishes is against our rules.


  • Please be most careful whenever there are children near the water!
  • The ponds are a home for many water plants including rare species. We will be happy if you will use the wooden deck and footpaths for your walks. 
  •  The stone wall is made from dolomite and they are fitted together without a cement so you should avoid sitting or stepping on the walls. 
  • Please don't throw anything in the water and don't feed fish or ducks.


  •  Find out more or make reservation for a picnic place HERE
  •  A picnic place must be left clean and intact. Please collect your waste and packaging - make sure you flatten the bottles, plastic glasses and food boxes before you place them in a container. 
  •  We will appreciate if you will avoid loud music for your garden party. 
  •  Please make sure that children are looking after and can't hurt themselves or the plants.
  •  We must remind that use of grill is strictly prohibited.


  • The Tropical Butterfly House is opened for all visitors during the opening hours of the Botanical Garden. Butterfly House is closed during dark autumn and winter months. 
  • Please be aware that air temperature can reach +30 °C and the air moisture is about 90 %.
  • Most fragile parts of the butterflies are their wings – please don't touch butterflies. Also, please don't move their food.
  • We kindly ask school teachers and parents to inform children about proper behaviour during the visit to the Butterfly House. 
  • For photographers, please be ethical towards the plants and butterflies – no picture is worth a life.


  •  A rounded globe-like hill covered with green grass is a typical cellar construction from manor times (beginning of 20th century). 
  •  It can be very dangerous both for you and the building to walk on the roof. 
  •  Please don't leave your children without an attention to avoid any misunderstandings and accidents.