The flowering of Agave weberi is expected in the Succulent Greenhouse. At the moment, visitors can watch the development of the plant's impressive flower stalk, which already extends out through the roof hatch of the Greenhouse.

Agave bloom is a very special event for several reasons. First of all, the Agave flower stalk reaches an impressive length - up to 6 meters. In order to make Agave flowering possible in the Succulent Greenhouse, a special hatch has been installed in the ceiling. The flower is usually seen above the roof. Second, Agaves bloom only once in a lifetime. The rosette of leaves dies after flowering. From the large rosette develops a side shoot that will continue to grow in place of the old plant.

The exact age of Weber's Agave in our Succulent Greenhouse is unknown, but gardeners at the Botanical Garden estimate that it could be at least 25-30 years old.