In recent years, 'Monstera deliciosa' has been a popular houseplant that almost everyone wants to get in their collection. Did you know that this plant has edible fruit?

The fruit is about 30 cm long, covered with hexagonal scales. It smells sweet and resembles both banana and pineapple in taste. It should be noted that the fruit contains calcium oxalate crystals and, like eating pineapple, can irritate the throat. In the pictures you can see the fruit that has grown for the monster in the Palm House of the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia.

Due to the restrictions in the country, the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden are closed to visitors, but the outdoor area of the garden is still open for walking. The Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia will inform about changes in the operation of greenhouses on the website and social networks. Entrance ticket prices can be found here.