In April, the flowering of magnolias in the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia will gradually begin, which will delight visitors until the beginning of May. It takes a little more time to bloom, but you can already see magnolia flowers.

Magnolia is a very ancient plant, indicated by the simple structure of the flower. There is a great diversity of magnolia species in the mountainous areas of China and Japan. Only the most hardy species grow from this local garden collection, which blooms before the leaves bloom at the end of April. Magnolias, which grow in North and Central America, bloom in early June, when they have already bloomed. The Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia has the largest collection of magnolias in Latvia and 17 species and varieties can be seen.

Due to the restrictions in the country, the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden are closed to visitors, but the outdoor area of ​​the garden is still open for walking. Entrance ticket prices can be found here.