The pergolas installed in the UL Botanical Garden, which is also the protection area of the architectural monument of national significance "Wolfschmitt Manor Building," are open to visitors.

For a nice and romantic mood, we invite you to enjoy the last moments of summer in our garden pergolas. Pergolas can serve as a beautiful ending to a longer stroll through the autumn colours and mood-rich garden. Pergolas are also a great place for wedding photo shoots and sumptuous celebrations for both larger and smaller groups of people.

The ancient estates were unthinkable without pergolas. The pergolas were also referred to as "tea houses," where the manor's residents and their guests lingered after a walk on the garden paths to refresh themselves, enjoying the tea and scenery that opened to view and indulging in leisurely conversations.

Also in Zasumuiza, which changed landlords and was later renamed Wolfschmidt Manor, as early as the 18th century, was a Chinese pavilion that unfortunately was demolished in 1922. Tea houses in the 18th century, especially in Europe, were an integral element of landscape architecture design that originated in China and Japan.

Thanks to the UL Foundation's sponsor, Grigory Luchansky, and our garden landscape architect, Inga Langenfeld, two pergolas have been installed in the Botanical Garden, which fit perfectly into the Botanical Garden's landscape.

The Ligo meadow pergola is a great place to rest after a long walk around the garden and enjoy the landscape that opens up from the pergola; it's especially lovely in the spring when the magnolias and rhododendrons bloom. As the pergola is surrounded by rhododendron shrubs and magnolia trees, here we invite fans of romance and silence, including guests of small weddings and celebrations.

The pergola at Valriekstu meadow is a wonderful place for children's events, birthday parties, and picnics. Compared to the pergola in the meadow of Liga, it is also larger and more intensive.

Size of Ligo meadow pergola: 18 m2

Valriekstu meadow pergola size: 25 m2

We encourage you to contact Ilze Donova, a public relations specialist at UL Botanical Garden, about the renting of pergolas, as well as territory and premises. Contact information Ilze Donova, +371 26622537